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Putting the Community First

I’m Nanette Rivera, your 2022 candidate for Marco Island City Council. Community leadership must be consistent, caring, and competent. Above all, leaders must listen to the voices of the residents. Together, we can take our city from great to awesome! How do we accomplish this mutual goal? 

  • Restore the health of our waterbody by bringing back oxygen levels and eliminating algal blooms; oxygen is needed to support all aquatic life (manatee, fish, seagrass).

  • Build the finest quality of life in the country by implementing sustainable solutions to several evolving issues:

  • ​Improve city government by addressing issues in a proactive, transparent and data-driven manner. In other words, MORE FACTS - LESS POLITICS!

  1. Vacation rental registration program

  2. Lack of senior services

  3. Improving the effectiveness of code enforcement

  4. Creating programs for families with children

  5. Rationalizing the high water and sewer rates

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