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What I hope to accomplish . . .

  • Restore the health of our waterbody by bringing back oxygen levels and eliminating algal blooms:

    • Focus on and address root-cause of the waterbody decline in water-quality health (oxygen, algal-blooms, and loss of water clarity)

    • Drive for metrics that monitor and improve Oxygen Levels, Abundance & Quality of Marine-Life (sea-grass, manatees, finfish) – drive for water clarity and increased recreational use of our waterbody

  • Build the “finest” quality-of-life in our community by addressing several evolving issues:

    1. Vacation rental registration program

    2. Reducing size of City Government

    3. Code enforcement consistency & effectiveness

    4. Water & Sewer rates

    • ​Build a community focused on enhancing our Quality-of-Life and delivering value for all (defining priorities, gaps & solutions). 

    • Proactively understand ‘critical factors’ associated with issues degrading Quality-of-Life in Marco Island: track, trend, and act on factors that correct or build greater Quality-of-Life.

  • Improve transparency & productivity in our city government with metrics that proactively define issues in a more fact-based manner with less politics. 

    • Building trust & productivity in our government – by demonstrating our competitiveness and how continuous improvement activities improve performance trends.

    • Communicate how operational spend, clarity in capital justification, excellence in project & implementation management creates value for residents: what’s measured gets done!

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