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Thank you, Coastal Breeze News, for the opportunity to share my viewpoint and for the amazing reporting over the years.

Response to the 2022 MICA City Council Questions

Question No. 4: 3,208 individuals responded to a city-wide survey. Results showed that trust in City government is at a low point, with 52% of residents stating that the City is headed in the “wrong direction.” What is your plan to restore trust in the City government?

My response: “More facts – Less politics: For each issue or opportunity discussed at City Council, I will seek to understand these issues based on facts. Councilors must show leadership in developing an understanding of what residents need and want. Councilors must also demonstrate leadership by being transparent on how facts lead to a decision. Misinformation, conjecture, speculations, and opinions then feed decision-making. All of this leads to an inefficient and ineffective City Council. This same City-wide survey showed that 70% of respondents feel the City is headed in the “wrong direction” after 15 years on the island.”

Nanette Rivera

2022 Candidate for Marco Island City Council

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