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Endorsement for Nanette Rivera for Marco Island City Council

Clean Marco Waters, LLC is pleased to support Nanette Rivera as a candidate for Marco Island City Council. Clean Marco Waters is a local Marco Island citizen's organization whose mission is dedicated to restoring, preserving, and protecting Marco Island’s and surrounding communities’ water quality, marine ecosystems, and habitats through community outreach, public education, science-based research, and advocacy.

We support Nanette because she advocates for truth and facts in government and is willing to dig into the issues. She has a history of giving back to the community and has served on several volunteer boards. In particular, she currently serves on the Board of Big Cypress Basin (BCB). The BCB is responsible for managing the water table and the water supply across Collier County. The BCB also manages the county’s flood control strategy with over 140 miles of canals and operating control structures, an important position requiring someone with unique skills and appointment by the Governor. She is also a member of the Marco Island Planning Board, which requires appointment by the full City Council. She is an early advocate for improving the quality of our waterways, maintaining and improving our infrastructure, and protecting the environment.

As evidenced by her energy and support on local issues, we believe she will address the challenges facing the City Council with that same energy while respecting the views of all citizens. Even before declaring her candidacy, she and her husband Gene shared many of their water quality positions and proposed solutions with Clean Marco Waters.

Marco Island City Council needs a new Councilor like Nanette Rivera to advocate for all Marco citizens.

Clean Marco Waters, LLC

By Its Co-Manager Members

David M Rasmussen

Bob Roth

Andrew Tyler

Rick Woodworth

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