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Trust in Marco City Government is Low

What are the reasons residents do not trust the Marco Island city government? Did you know that Marco Island City Council initiated a city-wide survey, and we had 3,208 respondents? The survey shows that the trust in the city government is at a low point. 52% of residents say that the city is headed in the “wrong direction.”

We can do better!

The government has two components: City Council and City Staff. There are many things done correctly by the council and staff. After all, Marco has gotten a lot done over the years. But when things go wrong, the residents quickly lose faith.

How do councilors go off track?

  • Thinking that ALL resident concerns are invalid and based on exaggerations.

  • Self-dealing. Seeming to benefit from the ordinances that are passed or not passed.

  • Serving powerful local special interests so they can get re-elected.

  • Not putting in the time to clearly understand the issues.

  • Purposefully introducing “fog” and confusion.

  • Misrepresenting the facts.

  • Engaging consultants to represent their pre-conceived “point-of-view.”

  • Influencing the city staff to do their bidding (staff are concerned about their jobs, after all)

  • Underfunding the staff (“Hold the Line on Taxes”) so they cannot effectively do their jobs.

How do city staff go off track?

  • Playing favorites with the residents.

  • Unequal application of the rules.

  • Not bringing forward all information to councilors and members of committees.

  • Not providing adequate information to the residents.

  • Trying to “build empires.”

  • Covertly working with individual councilors.

  • “Editing” the ordinances.

Effective city government requires transparency and operates in the Sunshine (not behind).

Use this link to access the results of the survey.

Let’s Make Marco Awesome!

Nanette Rivera

2022 Candidate for Marco Island City Council

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